In this page you could read and watch some interesting facts about English language and have some fun at the same time. I hope you like it.
* Ages of English timeline

* How the English language developed

* How to understand the difference between British English and American English

* A video by the British Council with exercise

* An article on GRAMMAR DIFFERENCES between USA and UK English

* Lo importante que es saber idiomas: Les Luthiers

* Would you like to know more about English Slang?

Learn common slang words used in Britain and do some practice
Watch "One Direction" explaining some of them
Watch Hugh Laurie " Dr House" explaining differences of use in USA and UK.
The Smart Blog: Popular UK slang

Do you want to know common expressions used by teens or shortenings in SMS, go to my blog and learn about them
Teen language: Bites and Bits of English
More about British slang from the blog English with a Twist
12 expressions of British Slang