These are some links to pages where you can practice listening:

1. Listening activities with different speed: Breaking News English

2. watch and listen to news - intermediate level :

3. Learn English with free videos from YouTube, Google Video, etc., quizzes - from beginners' to upper-intermediate level

4. List of videos which include lessons made up of an average of 12 exercises per video.

5. Study English is designed for intermediate to advanced English language learners, especially those using English for study purposes

6. BRITAIN IS GREAT: A series of videos about Britain (music, geography, literature etc) by the British Council

7. Learn English through movies!

8. Learn English through trailers

9. Learn English with short films

10.Listening and watching activities

Learn English British Council

11. Tips for listening exams by the British Council

Learn English teens listening exams

12. A page with podcast, video and listening to practice.
Ello webpage