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This page offers reading texts and activities to do with them.

READING EXAMS BY THE BRITISH COUNCIL: Tips to prepare reading exams


Read some facts about pirate women in history and watch a video about women in the film " Pirates of the Caribbean"


Read a text about Fusion cooking in Britain, learn and practice vocabulary and answwer comprehension questions.


A. Elementary level

Read the text and answer the following

1.What are the three things that Sam hates?
2. Why does Sam feel happier at the end of the reading?3. Where do each of the three people come / came from? and4. What do they do / did?
5. What other events have become more and more commercialized over the years?

B. Upper, intermediate level

1. Think about your childhood. try to recollect a time when you learnt something, or found out about something, that surprised you.
2. How did yo feel when you dicovered thar Santa o The Three Wise Men weren't real?
3.Name the person in the photograph what do you know about him?4. Identify the writer’s childhood memory (was it good, bad or something else?)5. Name the different ways Father Christmas is refered to in the text.
6. Write everything you can that identifies Santa.