Watch the video to know about those sounds that are not pronounced in English

Silent letters activity 1

Try to write the word for the definition, the answer is in brackets but the letters have been mixed up. Then mark the silent letter in each word.

1. You do this with your feet and legs (kwla)
2. Another way of saying 50% (flah)
3. The spirit of a dead person (tohsg)
4. A thin, dry, fl at cake (tuicbsi)
5. You can wear one of these on your jacket, coat or shirt (dbega)
6. A musical instrument (turiga)
7. You use one of these to cut things (ikefn)
8. Your answer isn’t right, it's ................(gwnor)
9. Someone who tells the truth is an ....................person. (esohnt)
10. A tall post used to support a roof (ocmnul)
11. Part of your body between your arm and your hand. (sritw)
12. Someone who comes from another country. (nfrieogre)
13. On each hand, you have got four fingers and a ..................... (bhtmu)
14. A young sheep. (lbma)
15. This person sells meat. (trhbeuc)
16. A row of plants growing close together (edheg)
17. A flat object with words or pictures to provide information (gsni)
18. A small clock you wear on the body. (hacwt)
19. The middle part of your leg, where it bends (eenk)
20. This season comes between summer and winter. (mantuu)